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Dear reader,

Three weeks ago I was in Italy for Euspen's annual conference. The conference was a big success and enjoyable, although my opinion might not be neutral as former Euspen president... During this event I handed over the Euspen presidency to Prof. Paul Shore of Cranfield University in the UK. I wish him good luck and all the best in the two exciting years ahead! More about Euspen further on in this newsletter.

Back at IBS Precision Engineering I can say things are pretty busy. At the moment, our engineering team is involved in many engineering and research projects. So busy, that we are expanding our workforce and have four open vacancies in the Netherlands and Germany. Furthermore, we are preparing the first delivery of our Isara 3D coordinate measuring machine to a research institute in Germany, which is a project on itself! More about that in a future newsletter.

Although it is bit early, that leaves me wishing you all a nice holiday season and I hope you enjoy this newsletter! As usual, we welcome your feedback!

Dr. ir. Henny Spaan.

Exceptional measuring resolution with custom calibrations

In the field of non-contact measurement you probably have already heard of Lion Precision's capacitive and inductive measuring systems offered by IBS Precision Engineering. What you probably didn't know is that when performing custom calibrations on the capacitive systems, exceptionally high resolutions can be achieved!

Read more and see some examples
New: Spherical air bearings from New Way

IBS Precision Engineering has expanded it's air bearings portfolio with spherical air bearings from New Way. These spherical air bearings are ideal for use in aerospace and defense applications and are able to support a sphere on a thin layer of air, providing all the benefits of frictionless motion.

Example applications include Zero-G satellite testing, multi-directional control, flight simulators, laser deflection, scanners, precision spindles, etc.

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Euspen 2011 conference report

Stand IBS Euspen 2011For IBS Precision Engineering, the annual Euspen conference is one of the biggest and most anticipated events of the year. The fact that this year’s conference (May 23rd -26th) was held at beautiful lake Como in Italy only added to the excitement. Even though our schedule for the week was packed, some nice boat rides over the lake and lovely outdoor diners during the warm evenings in Como made for an enjoyable combination of business and pleasure.
The technical programme of the conference offered a wide variety of papers, presented by delegates from academia and industry, either as an oral presentation or in poster form.

A paper by IBS Precision Engineering, titled “Calibration of the Isara 400 ultra-precision CMM”, was selected as a session keynote in the Metrology session. In a presentation of 20 minutes, we were able to highlight some critical aspects in the calibration of the Isara 400 CMM, which are crucial to obtaining the targeted measuring uncertainty. We were able to present the excellent results of the flatness calibration of the reference mirror, which show that the realisation of the Isara 400 has now reached its final stage.

Read more and download our "Isara 400 CMM calibration" paper
ISO standards update

In this ISO standards update, we focus on the recently published ISO standards in the field of Geometrical product specifications (GPS) - Inspection by measurement of workpieces and measuring equipment. The following two updates are now available at ISO:
  • ISO 14253-2:2011 - Part 2: Guidance for the estimation of uncertainty in GPS measurement, in calibration of measuring equipment and in product verification.
  • ISO 14253-3:2011 - Part 3: Guidelines for achieving agreements on measurement uncertainty statements.
Quantification of the electrical run-out effect

- Capacitive and inductive sensing compared -

Test electrical run-out effectIBS Precision Engineering has researched the quantification of the electrical run-out effect by comparing capacitive and inductive measuring results of the same measurement set-up. Electrical run-out refers to the measurement error introduced by the inhomogeneity of a ferrous material when measuring with an inductive sensor on a target.

The tests performed at IBS resulted in the discovery that when using inductive sensing on ferrous targets, the electrical run-out effect is large and repeatable, although it differs for every steel target. The effect introduced errors of about 50 um.

Read more and download the Technote
Upgrade Spindle Error Analyzer software

Lion Precision has releSpindle Error Analyzerased new software for their Spindle Error Analyzer, a system that measures the motions of a machine tool spindle at operating speeds. This new software (version 8.5) will add to the ease, accuracy and reliability of the measuring system. Changes have been made in the file size selection, operation panel, test displays, configuration displays, etc. For more information about this software, which is Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible, please contact us! This might be an ideal opportunity to upgrade and recalibrate your system!

More on the Spindle Error Analyzer

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