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Newsletter, March 2012
In this issue:
New multi-channel eddy-current displacement measuring system
Non-contact flexible substrate handling using air bearings
New capacitive probe names and improved resolutions
IBS Precision Engineering joins EU project MIDEMMA
Greatly improved performance inductive (eddy-current) systems
Asphere metrology on joint investigations
Dear reader,

Welcome to our March 2012 newsletter! Lots of things are happening at the moment at IBS Precision Engineering and in the industry. Especially from Lion Precision we have quite some news to share. Lion has introduced a new multichannel eddy-current displacement measuring system. Furthermore there have been updates / upgrades in the eddy-current and capacitive probes resulting in an even better performance and resolution! All this news can be found in this newsletter.

Furthermore IBS Precision Engineering is working on several EU funded R&D projects. Last newsletter we already included an item on ProDuZo. This newsletter we will include an item on MIDEMMA which is about minimizing defects in micro-manufacturing applications.

Besides the earlier mentioned multichannel eddy-current measuring system, IBS Precision Engineering will introduce another new product: the "air turn" from New Way Air Bearings. Air turns enable non-contact film handling. More about that later, including a demo video. 

Finally I would like to invite you to the Hightech Mechatronica event this Thursday in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. You are very welcome to visit booth 52, where we will have some interesting demos for you, including the air turn. Hope to see you there! Register here!

Dr. ir. Henny Spaan 
NEW eddy-current displacement measuring system
Lion Precision has introduced a new eddy-current displacement system, called the ECL150. The ECL150 is unique, because it provides up to eight (!) channels of high-resolution, non-contact displacement measurement of a conductive target. The system consists of driver electronics and probes calibrated for a specific material, range, and ECL150 channel. The ECL150 provides linear ±5 V outputs for each channel; more positive output voltage indicates the probe is further from the target. The calibration information is detailed on a calibration certificate which is shipped with the system.
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flexible substrate handling using air bearings
Air bearings are providing breakthrough enabling technology by acting directly on substrates. Flexible films flow over non-turning “air turns” rather than contact rollers and enables non-contact handling of substrates.

IBS Precision Engineering will demonstrate this non-contact application during the Hightech Mechatronica event that will take place on Thursday March 29th in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. We hope to see you there. Register here.
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New capacitive probe names and improved resolution
Capacitive sensors are non-contact systems capable of high-resolution measurement of the position and/or change of position of any conductive target. The nanometer resolution of high-performance capacitive sensors makes them indispensable in today's nanotechnology world. They can also be used to measure the position or other properties of nonconductive targets. 
Lion Precision has recently changed the naming of their capacitive probes models by incorporating details in the naming. This makes it easier to understand what kind of probes you are dealing with. Combined with an Elite driver, using the new C5 or C8 probes (cylindrical probes with a 5 or 8mm sensor size) exceptional resolutions can be achieved down to 0,05 nm!
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IBS Precision Engineering joins EU project MIdemma
IBS Precision Engineering will be involved in the upcoming EU project MIDEMMA as one of the technology developers. MIDEMMA stands for “Minimizing Defects in Micro-Manufacturing Applications“. Micro-manufacturing requires 'Zero-Defect' oriented approaches, both in large- scale and in short-run production. Current quality control approaches, coming from macro-manufacturing, are mainly based on post-process geometric control, which produces a large time lag between the defect generation and its detection, usually leading to large amounts of defect parts or wasted high value processing. The project will give a global solution for the 'zero defect' approach in micro-manufacturing. More about this European project in future newsletters.
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Greatly improved performance eddy-current systems
Besides the high end capacitive systems mentioned earlier, Lion Precision has also greatly improved the performance of the inductive (eddy-current) measuring systems. By decreasing the range, the performance will improve significantly. Using an ECL202 “top performer” driver together with an U3 probe on a nonferrous target a resolution can be achieved of just 10nm!
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Asphere metrology on joint investigations
On March 6th and 7th the High Level Expert Meeting (HLEM) 2012 was organized by the UPOB competence center in Braunschweig, Germany. This year’s meeting was themed “Asphere Metrology on Joint Investigations”. Producing functional surfaces to the highest degree of accuracy, and characterizing them by means of measurement techniques, calls for efforts in which various approaches and methods have to be linked together. This is exactly what was being done in preparation to and during last meeting. 
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