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Newsletter, November 22, 2012
In this issue:
Viscous shear in air bearing gaps for precise web tension
Precision Fair 2012 - November 28th and 29th
Isara 400 CMM - PTB workshop on measuring an asphere
NASA selects Lion Precision sensors for X-Ray telescope
Clean4Yield project - High yield for roll-to-roll processes!
Machine tool rotary axis compensation - Demo on how it is done!
Many people know IBS Precision Engineering from our high precision metrology and air bearing solutions, but did you know that we have a team of 20 highly skilled engineers working on many R&D projects as well? An example of such a project is Clean4Yield which focusses on detecting and preventing defects in large-scale roll-to-roll production of OLEDs and OPVs. More about that later in this newsletter. All examples of our R&D projects can be found here. Interested in joining the IBS team? We do have an open vacancy!

What can you expect in this newsletter? Besides the Clean4Yield project we have an interesting paper on the air roller, which is about a unique way of non contact web handling, which we will also demonstrate on the upcoming Precision Fair later this month in the Netherlands. On this fair I will also be giving a keynote speech on state-of-the-art and future trends in 3D nanometer metrology. 

In this newsletter we will also show you measuring results of an asphere measurement performed by our Isara 400 coördinate measuring machine and demonstrate how our R-Test system will optimize machine tools by rotary axis compensation. Last but not least we have an article on Lion Precision sensors that will be used by NASA in their telescope assembly process.

I hope you will enjoy this newsletter and hope to see you on the Precision Fair!

Dr. ir. Henny Spaan
Viscous shear in air bearing gaps for precise web tension
Air bearings have enabled the precision and speed required in motion control systems for manufacturing advanced IC circuits. Today however, the substrates for manufacturing circuits are changing.  Flat-panel  display  glass  substrates can be meters square, substrates for solar applications and printed electronics on roll-to-roll substrates are demanding completely new precision motion systems. Air bearings are again providing breakthrough, enabling technology by acting directly on the substrates. So flat-panel glasses are controlled through processes by air bearings without contact rather than being vacuumed to a chuck. This research explores flexible films flowing over “Air Turns” rather than contact rollers and the use of viscous shear in the air films for motion control, cleaning, drying and precision temperature control.  This would help  satisfy  demands  from  the  printed electronics industry for non contact precision manufacturing of flexible displays, OLED lighting, PV, smart packaging and printed batteries.
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Precision Fair 2012 - November 28th & 29th
Later this month IBS Precision Engineering will participate and exhibit on the Precision Fair 2012 in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. The Precision Fair has grown into the main European event on precision technology and has acquired an international reputation. 250 specialized companies and knowledge institutions, mostly from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany will be present and over 40 innovative and inspiring lectures in the field of measurement, micro-processing, motion control and engineering will be given. Please visit us in booth nr. 130 where you can see several demos, including the web handling application using air bearings from the article above. New Way Air Bearings founder and CTO Drew Devitt will also be present in our booth, so please be welcome to ask us any question you might have!

Our managing director Dr. ir. Henny Spaan will also be giving a keynote speech on state-of-the-art and future trends in 3D nanometer metrology during the 2nd day of this fair.

Best of all: As always, visiting the Precision Fair is free of charge. Please register at the link below.
» Precision Fair 2012 and registration
Isara 400 CMM - PTB workshop on measuring an asphere
Aspheres are used all around us. As widespread their applications are, as difficult it is to produce or measure them precisely. Sometimes, large measuring uncertainties emerge when dealing with aspheres. This was one of the main topics during this year’s High Level Expert Meeting on asphere metrology that took place at Germany’s national metrology institute PTB. For IBS Precision Engineering this was a good opportunity to demonstrate and proof the accuracy (10 nm accuracy!) of our Isara 400 coördinate measuring machine and compare the results with others.
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NASA selects Lion Precision sensors for X-Ray telescope assembly
NASA is developing the next generation of X-Ray optics which could be used in an orbiting X-Ray observatory using high-performance capacitive displacement sensors from Lion Precision during the assembly procedure. The "lens" consists of thousands of mirrors positioned to reflect X-rays at a shallow angle with a focal length of 3-10 meters. Locating and fixing the mirrors in position is the primary challenge of the project. 
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Clean4Yield: high yield for roll-to-roll processes
The EU-funded Clean4Yield project that targets contamination and defect control in roll-to-roll organic electronics production has been officially launched. Coordinated by Holst Centre/TNO, the three-year project brings together commercial and research partners from Europe and Israel to tackle one of the most pressing issues in organic electronics – ensuring high enough yields for cost-effective manufacturing. To this end, the partners will develop new technologies for inspecting, cleaning and repairing moving foils, and detecting and preventing defects in large-scale roll-to-roll production of OLEDs and OPVs.
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Machine tool rotary axis compensation - Demo on how it is done!
IBS Precision Engineering recently performed an R-Test demonstration at a Northern UK machine tool company in the offshore industry, resulting in a clear improvement of the machine accuracy. The demonstration, which was performed on a Mazak Variaxis 730-5X machine shows a "before" and "after" picture, including a description of the steps taken. (also includes video material)
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