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Newsletter, May 2013
In this issue:
Spindle inspection made easy
New wireless probe for machine tool axis inspection and analysis
IBS Precision Engineering celebrates 20th anniversary
Euspen 13th international conference in Berlin next week
This year IBS Precision Engineering is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. Looking at our achievements over the past 20 years I am really proud of the engineering solutions we have provided and the products and machines we built. There is a little bit of IBS everywhere in the European hi-tech industry!

During our 20th anniversary celebration in March I gave a small recap on our history. My introduction speech was followed by a lecture by Dutch astronaut André Kuipers sharing experiences of his amazing space flight mission to the International Space Station. With exhibitions on our latest developments, indeed a day to celebrate the ultimate possibilities of technology.

We are not just looking back however, but continuously challenging ourselves and thinking of new and better products. I am happy to update you on our recently introduced unique machine tool products offering rapid, high resolution axis and spindle inspection. There are even more innovations in the pipeline, which you will hear about soon!

As always, I hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter and for those of you visiting the Euspen 2013 conference next week in Berlin, see you there! H.A.M. Spaan
Spindle inspection made easy
Our unique spindle inspector delivers a simple but highly accurate system which may be integrated seamlessly into production systems. Automated measurement at a range of user defined speeds reduces spindle performance to a set of simple parameters with definable tolerances. A ‘green light’ system allows your machines to continue performing uninterrupted until a tolerance run out is spotted; system interface options cease operation when tolerance is exceeded. Spindle replacement can be precisely predicted; product failure and sampling reduced.
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new wireless probe for machine tool axis inspection & analysis
New to the IBS Precision Engineering inspection & analysis series is the Trinity probe offering a wireless solution to the measurement of machine tool linear and rotary axes.

Measurements with the Trinity probe are performed without contact using 3 sensors that are free from wear and insensitive to dirt. With 0,2 µm resolution, it extends the measurement range by a factor three to 3,5 mm.

With minimal installation time and effort, this battery driven system allows multiple systems to be measured in rapid succession.
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IBS Precision Engineering celebrates 20th anniversary
On Friday March 22nd 2013 IBS Precision Engineering has celebrated it's 20th anniversary. In the afternoon we had the honour of receiving almost 200 guests representing 70 companies at our headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

During this celebration and reception IBS Precision Engineering had some interesting project and product demonstrations. The celebration highlight however was having Dutch astronaut 
André Kuipers as guest speaker sharing his impressive experiences before, during and after his space journey to the International Space Station.
Linked to this celebration was a fundraising activity for the Kenya Classic cycling event for the AMREF flying doctors in which IBS Precision Engineering and our guests donated 5200 Euro!
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euspen 13th international conference in berlin
Next week, from May 27th to May 31st the European society for precision engineering and nanotechnology will hold it's 13th international conference in the German capital of Berlin. The conference and exhibition will provide a leading forum for industrialists and academics to review the best of world-wide industrial innovation, progressive research and technology developments. Delegates will gain an insight of the precision engineering and nanotechnology priorities of Europe’s leading industrial nation Germany.

Just like previous years IBS Precision Engineering will be present at this annual conference and exhibition, since it is one of the most important events throughout the year for our industry. We will be present with a team of 6 people, also as exhibitor.

In case you are joining the conference yourself, please feel free to pay us a visit in booth numbers 20, 21 & 22.
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