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Newsletter, July 2013
In this issue:
New wireless eddy-current displacement measuring system
Active probe with ground breaking resolution of 60 picometer!
Developement of the Wavelength Scanning Interferometer.
Machine tool metrology workshop at KTH Stockholm
Training tip: 3 day machine tool metrology course in October
Launch of New wireless eddy-current displacement measuring system
Together with IBS Precision Engineering, Lion Precision has launched its first wireless eddy-current displacement measurement system with a resolution down to 100 nm. Both IBS Precision Engineering and Lion Precision answer the demand from the market to provide wireless precision measuring technology that can be used in harsh and dirty environments. 
The new battery powered ECW110 eddy-current displacement sensor communicates with a laptop or PC using a dedicated Wi-Fi network and provides a high-resolution, non-contact measurement of position changes of a conductive target. The system consists of a driver and 1 to 3 eddy-current probes calibrated for a specific material and range.
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New active probe enables measurement with 60 picometer resolution
Lion Precision is known for it’s extremely accurate capacitive measuring systems. Recently Lion gave the term “accuracy” a new dimension by releasing the first CPL490 capacitive measuring system using an active probe. Using the new active probe (part of Lion’s Elite series) it is possible to measure with a ground breaking resolution down to 60 picometer with a range of 10 micron and a bandwidth of 15 kHz. Even higher resolutions can be achieved at a lower bandwidth. 
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IBS precision engineering involved in Development of the Wavelength Scanning Interferometer
Within the NANOMEND project, funded by the EU FP7 program, IBS Precision Engineering and the University of Huddersfield are collaborating in the development of a new optical interferometry system for fast areal surface measurements. NanoMend aims to develop in-line defect detection systems that are capable of detecting micro and nano sized defects within the thin films that coat flexible electronics and paper food cartons.
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Machine tool metrology workshop at KTH Stockholm
After being invited by the Swedish forum for users of machine tools (FAV) IBS Precision Engineering gave a lecture and demonstration during a FAV workshop that took place in June at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The workshop was attended by a variety of members from the Swedish metal industry. During this workshop, IBS presented its latest machine tool metrology products. 
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Training tip: 3 day machine tool metrology course in October
Learn how 5-axis machine tool accuracy impacts productivity.

Our US based partner IQL is organizing a three-day course on 5-axis machine tool metrology applications. The course will take place on October 15-17 in Connecticut, USA. IBS Precision Engineering's managing director Dr. ir. Henny Spaan will be one of the speakers during this course.
The course provides an understanding and application of fundamental metrology principles specific to the testing and improvement of 5-axis machine tool accuracy.
Machine tool metrology is often overlooked in today's manufacturing environment. However, state of the art manufacturers have learned how machine tool metrology can identify and help correct the root causes of many part quality issues and reduce hidden costs.
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