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Newsletter, march 18th 2014
In this issue:
World's most accurate capacitive measuring system released
Development of defect detection tool for thin films
A machine tool crash: What is the impact on the accuracy?
Makino uses Rotary Axis Analyzer to proof machine’s accuracy
New project to achieve wireless sensing in closed loop control for high precision contactless maglev stages
world's most accurate capacitive displacement measuring system released: 50 picometer resolution
After three years of development Lion Precision has launched the latest capacitive measuring technology delivering resolutions down to 50 picometer and a bandwidth up to 50 kHz.
Engineers, designers, and researchers needing incredibly precise measurements of changes in position of a moving object now have the tool they have been waiting for. Application areas include high density hard-disk drives where spindles are required to turn with near zero amounts of error motion (wobble). Don Martin, CEO of Lion Precision elaborates: “Disk drive spindles have gotten so good, it was difficult to measure the error with existing technology, but the industry demands ever higher rotary precision to continue packing more data on a disk.” Previous technology was incapable of seeing the tiny movements when the spindles were turning at operating speeds. The CPL490 has now opened a viewing window into the dynamic pico world enabling spindle manufacturers and designers to take the next step in precision. 
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Development of defect detection tool for thin films
As part of the NanoMend project, IBS Precision Engineering is working together with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and the University of Huddersfield to design and manufacture a state-of-the-art Wavelength Scanning Interferometer system that enables the fast surface measurement of low contrast defects at pre-industrial scale. The tool will be installed in the United Kingdom at CPI’s National Printable Electronics Centre in June 2014.
Current industry standard interferometry systems generally work by mechanically scanning the position of a lens relative to the substrate being measured. Such a technique is too slow to perform the large number of measurements required to enable defect detection analysis for large-scale thin film barriers. The solution to this is to use wave length scanning, which is able to produce a quantitative measurement of the film layer topographies in the form of a three dimensional image. The latter can provide richer information on the nature of the defect, so influence on the layer properties can be assessed.
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impact of a machine tool crash on the accuracy
Since early 2014 Teclab and IBS Precision Engineering have started to cooperate. Teclab is a company supporting the Dutch metal industry providing education and practical training. A brand new lab equipped with modern machine tools is used to train and update machine operators in the Eindhoven area (serving companies like VDL, Philips, DAF, etc) to the latest standards.
Earlier this year IBS Precision Engineering performed a measurement session on the Teclab 5 axes milling machine: a new Litz LU-620. Some days later an accidental machine crash caused a collision between the cutter (20 mm diameter) and the workpiece. This unfortunate event enabled IBS Precision Engineering to perform a second measurement session to measure the impact of the collision on the machine tool´s accuracy. 
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Makino’s supplier Produtec uses Rotary Axis Analyzer to proof machine’s accuracy
Makino's distributor in the Netherlands, Produtec, chose IBS Precision Engineering's Rotary Axis Analyzer to demonstrate the accuracy of the Makino D300 precision 5-axis machining centre at the recent Techni-Show.

With over 40.000 visitors, the Techni-Show is the largest and most important exhibition in the Netherlands of industrial production techniques, processing and treatment of metals, appliances and tools. This year’s edition took place from March 11-14 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The analyzer, incorporating Trinity wireless probe technology, was used to demonstrate the true 3D accuracy achieved by the D300 while making 5-axis movements at high speed under the challenging physical environment of the show. Several visitors were impressed with both the machine and the Rotary Axis Analyzer, which people found quick, easy to use and accurate.
New project to achieve wireless sensing in closed loop control for high precision contactless maglev stages
Eindhoven based companies MI-Partners and IBS Precision Engineering have started the joint project “Wireless sensing in closed loop control for high precision contactless maglev stages”. The goal of this project, funded by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, is to implement wireless smart sensors for control at a high precision magnetically levitated (Maglev) stage.
The development enables stage motion at high precision in an isolated environment such as a vacuum chamber, without disturbing forces from cables and issues with contamination.
In the project, IBS Precision Engineering will develop the new smart sensing wireless technology and integrate data processing within the system driver, after which the sensors will be mounted on the stage itself.