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Newsletter, june 1st, 2015
In this issue:
IBS is awarded major contract by CERN for detector upgrade
Contactless transport and cleaning technologies explained
Metrology for highly parallel manufacturing
New and rapid SpindleCheck system for shop floor use
Dear Reader,

You might have read it in the news recently, IBS Precision Engineering has been awarded a major contract by CERN to be part of the Alice Detector upgrade. I am not only honoured CERN gave us this contract and trust, but I am also looking forward to this fantastic and challenging engineering project! You can read more about the project in this newsletter and can expect more in-depth articles in the time ahead.

In the last period we also attended the Lopec fair in Germany with very exciting technology for contactless web transport and cleaning which we have developed under the project Clean4Yield. We were delighted with the response received. To learn more about this technology, see below for some online videos.

Enjoy reading this newsletter and as always, please contact us in case you have any questions or remarks. For those of you attending the euspen 2015 conference and exhibition in Belgium, see you there!

Dr. ir. Henny Spaan
IBS is awarded major contract by CERN for ALICE Detector Upgrade
In the last month, IBS has been awarded a major contract from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) as part of the ALICE detector upgrade project. This is the largest contract of its kind to be placed in the Netherlands in recent history and we are very much looking forward to this exciting undertaking.
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Contactless transport and contactless cleaning technologies explained
Clean4Yield is an EU funded project that targets contamination and defect control in roll-to-roll organic electronics production – ensuring high yields for cost-effective manufacturing. As a project partner, IBS has been responsible for the development of new contactless transport and contactless cleaning technologies for precision R2R manufacturing.  In collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark, IBS has recently issued two educational videos providing an overview of these areas. Please watch online for more information.
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Metrology for highly parallel manufacturing
Metrology for Highly Parallel Manufacturing is a project aimed to deliver an order of magnitude improvement in both the speed and accuracy of techniques such as R2R embossing and injection moulding. It will equip industry to make traceable measurements of surface features on large-area substrates, to track the position of substrates, and to enable quality control for highly parallel manufacturing methods. IBSPE, as an industrial support partner, will bring expertise in metrology and the capability to deliver technology solutions for ultra-precision measurement applications, such as the Wavelength Scanning Interferometer.
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new and rapid spindlecheck system for shop floor use
For machine tool builders or other expert users, the Spindle Analyzer continues to set the standard for in-depth, spindle accuracy and performance assessment. We are delighted to announce the arrival of a sister product SpindleCheck: designed for shop floor use where regular and rapid inspection is required.
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